Ariel | Security Officers Course


We specialize in the niche market of investigations involving the corporate and commercial sectors.                                          

Which includes:

  • Pre-employment screening involves verifying and establishing the potential employee’s employment history and personal background.
  • Corporate investigation where the company’s ownership, nature of business activities and financial status are being analysed.This would facilitate in developing a feasibility report in decision making on a joint venture or a working partnership.¬†This is especially so if the client is a potential investor from the West and currently unfamiliar with the Asian market, or the vice versa.
  • Due diligence would involve court searches, surveillance, property asset searches. It may even involve surveillance and checks on family members and other relationships.
  • Employee fraud where an employer suspects that an employee is “stealing” the company and they need to verify his / her character and background, his / her current after work activities and relationships which can provide them with the necessary evidence to take legal action.
  • Industrial espionage where a company suspects that a competitor or partner is sabotaging them, which will be detrimental to their profitability, corporate image and even business survival, in some cases. They need to gather evidence to plan their strategy to counter the actions or take legal action.
  • Intellectual property investigations where a company suspects that their associate or distributor has breached their contract by selling their products in areas not covered in their agreement, or reproducing their products which has been patented or protected by copyright laws. The clients need to gather evidence and work with the authorities to obtain a search warrant to raid the premises and take legal action.
  • Commercial fraud investigations which can extend to tracking shipment of missing cargo, verifying transactions that should have occurred, corporate and personal due diligence. The objective is to provide evidence for the client to take legal action and /or recover the losses.
  • Financial investigations which may involve verifying the financial status of a company and an individual by obtaining information on his / her assets, financial circumstances, liabilities, bankruptcy records, money laundering activities and others.
  • Forensic accounting services which is an audit and analysis of the suspected company’s balance sheet, profit and loss statements, compliance with legal requirements to prove fraud, misappropriation of funds and other corporate criminal conduct.
  • Insurance claims verification where the identity and location of beneficiary is to be determined or the evidence to prove the claimant’s meets criteria for a payout to be made.

Business Feasibility Studies

Business feasibility studies involved gathering, compiling, analyzing and interpreting information on a specific product, target market, or subject matter which is crucial to the client for the strategic planning purposes.The process of gathering the information can involve:

  • Market Survey
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Research from primary and secondary sources of information
Civil Investigations
Civil investigations involve working on assignments which are personal or family-related in nature such as:
  • Locating missing persons and long lost relatives
  • Obtaining legal evidence on cases involving estranged family members
  • Obtaining evidence for child custody cases, especially where one parent is a foreigner
  • Verifying nature of personal relationships
Our investigation clients are from both Singapore and overseas. They include law firms, insurance companies, multinational corporations, shipping firms and organizations from various industry sectors. The investigations may involve assignments throughout the Asia-Pacific region.Through their extensive networking with different industry groups in Singapore and overseas, the company has acquired a good working knowledge of countries in the Asia-Pacific such as China, India, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and also the Middle East Countries.All phases of investigation will be carried out discreetly. The reports are provided in confidence, and where possible, the investigators will provide feedback on the background details of the environment where the case is located. This information will assist clients in evaluating the reports in the right perspective.